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At this time, the Honey App is available on desktop versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. The website says that they are currently working on expanding their desktop browser options, and have a plan to offer a mobile application in the near future so this app can be used when mobile shopping. Cost/Price Plans The Honey app is a browser extension or add-on, that can save you money by automatically searching for coupons on most of your favorite shopping sites. It's available for all of the major web browsers, and it's a lot easier than manually sifting through coupon sites like RetailMeNot.

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Honey App Pros. The Honey app is 100% free to install and use; The Honey app is easy to install and use and you can start using it almost straight away. The Honey app will save you hours of time searching for non-expired discount codes and it does all of this automatically every time you visit a store.

Honey app chrome review. I left the Honey app to see if Honey working in the background could find a coupon code for my frame. I used my Google Chrome browser and typed in the name and size of the frame I wanted to purchase. I found it at Kmart and Sears for the $29.99. Honey Chrome extension. If you use the Chrome internet browser, it’s easy to add Honey from the Chrome web store. The Honey Chrome Extension has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating and over 150,000 reviews. From the Chrome web store, click on “Add to Chrome” and then “Add extension” to install the Honey app. Honey app is a legit browser extension that automatically finds you money saving coupons, plus earns you cashback on online purchases! Is Honey worth it? Yeah! I earn $10 Amazon GiftCards every week from Honey as my Chrome extension. This is my full review of Honey app and joinhoney.com as an average user.

Honey is an amazing company. Honey is an amazing company. They only occasionally save me money, but they always find whatever code I was planning on using and sometimes a better one. Espeically on sites like walgreens that have so many codes to sift through. Not only that, but their customer service is AMAZING. When I think about honey, the word “sweet” comes to mind. And when I tell people about the Honey App, the word “sweeeet” comes to mind. #Truth. Honey is a free browser extension that automatically applies discount codes to your cart when shopping online. And while there may be other apps out there trying to do the same thing… I have yet to stumble upon one that does it better than. 6. The Honey extension is now installed in Edge and appears in the upper right corner as an h in a square button. 7. If you don't see the Honey button, click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of Edge. Click Extensions. Click on Honey in the list. Toggle the switch under "Honey" to On and "Show button next to address bar" to On. 8.

Use Honey to save money on Amazon purchases. This popular browser extension has a new trick up its sleeve, and it's all about Amazon. So yes – Honey is completely legitimate. Time Magazine listed Honey as one of the 10 Must-Download Google Add-Ons for Google Chrome. Forbes listed Honey as a useful shopping app that will save you money. There are several other major news sources that have researched and reviewed Honey. Currently, there are over 10 million people using Honey. Honey is a free extension that helps you save money. The Honey app saves you money by searching for the best coupon deals available when you are shopping online.. This includes buying clothes, ordering food, or booking travels. In fact, the Honey app is compatible with over 30,000 shopping platforms in total.

Stop wasting money – Honey helps you find some of the best coupon codes on 30,000+ sites. Add Honey – undefined Currently, we only support Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. I have mixed feelings about Honey. After about a year of using, I think I've saved £1 – £2 perhaps 4 or 5 times. On that front, quite a bit of hassle for quite rare savings in my experience. Regarding the Honey "Gold" that you can collect from some retailers, when I signed up it said you could build up 1000 of these to exchange for a gift card. me and my roomate have been using honey since the dawn of time. as the bee came onto the google horizon i was very weary of this app at 1st even being a heavy app and power user on the computer. the moment i used it i was pretty amazed that we save quite a bit on our take outs during game night. defiantly has a great rewards system. just make sure to take the time to set up your account.

Honey works with Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Opera According to the LA Times, users save an average of $32 a month The extension uses a type of crowdsourced technology (similar to Waze) to find out whether coupon codes work or not. This Honey App review will dive into how a simple browser extension will streamline your online money saving potential (ten-fold). Couponing Without the Effort – Honey Browser Extension What is Honey? Honey is a shopping tool that is designed to help online shoppers save money. It accomplishes this task in a number of ways, but Honey is best. Honey is a great browser extension and mobile app that is really easy to download. It saves users a lot of money by scanning Amazon and online shopping websites to find the best deals. It also saves me the trouble of having to search for coupons myself (which often end up not working) and maximizes my savings.

Honey is available as a browser extension and a mobile app, so wherever you shop, you can enjoy the benefits of the service. But, of course, that’s where your suspicions might come into play. Honey is an extension for your browser, which gives it some major power and permissions over what’s on your display. honey chrome free download – Google Chrome, Google Chrome (64-bit), Google Chrome Canary, and many more programs Thanks for the A2A! So, about a month ago, while I was searching for the coupon codes to be applied to Amazon because I wanted to buy a new digital camera. I did a quick search on Google for free coupon codes or promo codes for Amazon and suddenly…

The Honey app also offers the convenience of one cart so you can check out for all your items at once. The Honey browser extension functions on laptop or desktop computers with Chrome, Safari. I was ordering pizza and Honey popped… I was ordering pizza and Honey popped up with a better price. As I've seen that before and had it work, easily, I clicked on it. Instead of just applying the cheaper price like normal, it took me to a spot to buy a gift card. Honey app does nothing. Honey app does nothing, all it does in show you stuff that it found and nothing even close to what I was looking for. To make matters worse, they SPAM the crap out of you. I uninstalled it unsubscribed and they still SPAM the crap out of me. This is really a very useless app. If I could give them 1000 minus stars that.

The Honey App extension works on the web versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge and Opera browsers only. You can’t use it on mobile devices.. But does it really help you save money automatically? Read our complete honey app review and find out! Sending. User Rating 0 (0 votes) Comments Rating 1 (1 review) Categories Apps.

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