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Five minutes of high pressure is all you need to get a smooth, fragrant applesauce – the Instant Pot® does all the work! By LauraF. Save Pin Print. Share. Facebook Tweet. Email. Send Text Message. Gallery. Recipe Summary. prep: 15 mins. The Instant Pot® cooks everything perfectly – roasts, corned beef, ribs, deviled eggs, soups, pasta dishes, delicious drinks and even sweet treats! Enjoy this 3 minute Instant Pot applesauce as a snack, a condiment or for a healthy treat.

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How to make Instant Pot Applesauce. Peel, core, and slice the apples. (you can also leave them unpeeled if that is what you prefer). Add apples, apple cider, cinnamon, and lemon juice to the Instant Pot, and cook them on high pressure for 6 minutes. After a quick release, carefully open the lid.

Instant pot applesauce. When making Instant Pot applesauce remove the desired amount of applesauce and place in a separate container. Be sure to leave cinnamon sticks in the portion of the applesauce that is being made into apple butter. Cook applesauce on high pressure for 15 additional minutes and then allow to naturally release again. Turn on saute setting in. Instant Pot applesauce is made with 3 ingredients. And you don't even have to peel the apples unless you just want to. The fact that it's pressure cooked takes the work out of making applesauce because you don't have to stand in front of a hot stove. Instead, just load everything up in your Instant Pot pressure cooker, push a couple buttons, and let it do the work for you. Peel, core and slice the apples. I use a johnny apple peeler to peel, core and slice the apples super quickly.. Add your apples to the instant pot. Toss the apples in water, cinnamon and lemon juice, and cook them on manual or high pressure for 8 minutes.

Instant Pot Applesauce. You will want to make sure that you have an Instant Pot sealing ring for sweet and one for savory. Trust me!! You do not want your Instant Pot Applesauce to taste like Chicken Noodle Soup!. This is the one that I bought – it comes in a two pack; we use the blue for sweet and red for savory.. I also grabbed a set of these applesauce pouches to fill and tuck inside of. 5 mins prep + 6 ingredients to make this Easy Instant Pot Applesauce. Imagine a sweet, warm, cinnamon-spiced homemade apple pie filling. Enjoy this smooth applesauce as a side or dessert. Instant Pot Applesauce is incredibly easy to make using just 3 ingredients and no added sugar. Customize your flavour and level of sweetness by adding peach, strawberry or blueberry! Perfect as a healthy snack or dessert!

Instant Pot applesauce really is as easy as throwing some apple chunks into your Instant Pot, adding a little water and lemon juice, and setting it to cook for five minutes. But a few small steps will ensure that your Instant Pot applesauce is near perfect. Instant Pot Applesauce is by far the easiest way to make applesauce at home.Just cut the apples into slices, throw them in your electric pressure cooker, press a button, and walk away! It’s the BEST applesauce you’ll ever taste, with no added sugar. Close your Instant Pot, setting according to the manufacturer's directions, and cook over high pressure for 8 minutes. Once the Instant Pot has completely cooking, transfer the applesauce to a.

Homemade Applesauce, Instant Pot. Making Instant Pot Applesauce is easy and the puree only takes a few minutes of prep work, a quick pressure cook and then just blend. Easy peasy. Select organic apples for an even healthier treat. It’s a great cooking project to do with kids. This Instant Pot Applesauce recipe laced with cinnamon and brown sugar, and makes for a fantastic kid-friendly recipe. Just 6 ingredients needed, so you can make this homemade treat over and over again. This Instant Pot Applesauce recipe has rapidly become a true family favorite! Great for an afternoon snack, and so much more. Instant Pot Applesauce Ingredients: apples, lemon, water, cinnamon, salt. It is a great way to use up apples that are starting to go soft or that look terrible so your picky kids won’t eat them! This would make an amazing side dish for Instant Pot Pork Roast! What Apples to Use.

Thick Applesauce: This recipe for Instant Pot Applesauce is on the thinner side. To make this applesauce thicker, decrease cooking liquid to 1/2 cup for 6 quart and 3/4 cups for quart. The Instant Pot will still be able to come to pressure due to the moisture content of the apples. Instant Pot Applesauce (Printable Recipe Below) Instant Pot Applesauce is so easy and simple, not to mention absolutely delicious! Made with minimal ingredients, the apples are the truly the star! Instant Pot Applesauce is perfect for a healthy snack or school lunches! Ingredients. 8 apples your favorite kind! 1/2 -1 cup water No Peel Instant Pot Applesauce Recipe. The reason I never made applesauce before? I didn’t want to stand there and peel 3 lbs of apples! Well, guess what? You don’t have to… and it’s better not to: The skin of an apple is the best part. According to just about everything I’ve read, the peel from a medium apple contains 4.4 grams of.

Directions For Instant Pot Applesauce. Wash apples. Remove core and cut the remaining apple into quarters (four pieces.) Place apples in the electric pressure cooker pot with water. Use more water for a thinner applesauce or less for a chunky sauce. As the apples cook, they will release more moisture allowing the electric pressure cooker to. Instant Pot Applesauce. By Lena Abraham. Sep 19, 2019 Park Feierbach. No standing over the stove and stirring with this insanely easy applesauce! We like ours on the less-sweet side, but if you're. Instant Pot Applesauce Tips & Questions. Spice it up. At the base of this recipe you only need three ingredients: water, apples and lemon juice. Feel free to add in some extra spices to really spruce this up.

Try this delicious Homemade Apple Sauce recipe in your Instant Pot that's sure to be a big hit. Made with apples, cinnamon and honey, your Instant Pot pressure cooker will pull together all the flavors to create a beautiful and tasty snack for you and your family. How to make Applesauce in the Instant Pot. Start by peeling your apples. I used sliced Crunch Pak apples, so grabbing a paring knife and peeling the apples took no time at all. For about 1 quart of applesauce, you’ll need about 2 lbs of apples. Toss your apples into the bottom of the Instant Pot and add 1/2 cup of water. Or for a deeper. Instant Pot Applesauce – A Quick, Easy and Delicious Recipe. You will love this Instant Pot Applesauce recipe. In less time it takes to drive to the grocery store and pick up the store-bought applesauce (that’s usually loaded with preservatives) you can make your own.

Whip up this Instant Pot Applesauce for dessert one evening, pack for kids lunches, and more. It is a great way to save money, know exactly what ingredients are used. Instant Pot Applesauce Let me walk you through how to make Instant Pot applesauce and answer common questions that happen when it comes to making applesauce.

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